360 Degrees of Healing

360 Degrees of Healing - Projects

The modernized building will allow HMO to serve far more patients far more comfortably and help us meet our own demanding standards for high-quality, compassionate care.

Achieving our vision for 360 degrees of Healing is only possible through the full support of our committed friends. To complete the renovation and expansion of the Round Building—so vital to health care in Israel and worldwide—we need to raise $91.2 million.

Proposed Departments:

Round Building Infrastructure

  • 200 new beds will significantly increase the number of patients HMO serves.
  • 17 renovated operating rooms with state-of-the-art equipment will improve efficiency and reduce waiting times for surgery.
  • New construction will strengthen the building and protect the hospital from earthquakes.
  • Safe rooms on each floor will protect patients from conventional, biological, or chemical attacks.

Medicine and Care

  • Upgrades will allow HMO to expand treatment offerings and provide more comprehensive services.
  • Renovation will break down barriers between research and clinical services to accelerate the “bench to bedside” process.
  • Larger rooms will give patients more privacy and reduce the risk of infection.
  • Reconfigured and improved interior space on each floor will allow doctors and nurses to respond more quickly to patients.

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