Legislative Advocacy

Turn your Jewish values into action and help us build a safer and healthier world. Join us in fighting for the security of the Jewish people, stronger US-Israel relations, and the health and well-being of women. Learn more about Hadassah's legislative advocacy agenda and take action on a wide range of policy issues important to women and the Jewish community. Hadassah, the Power of Women who DO.

U.S-Israel Relationship

Hadassah strongly values and prioritizes Israel's security and works to nurture a strong US-Israel relationship. Hadassah advocates for robust foreign aid, security cooperation, economic partnerships and other collaborative initiatives, as well as legislation to fight the delegitimization of Israel. We are committed to convening conversations around Zionism by raising up voices from diverse backgrounds.

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Infertility is a women’s health issue, a men’s health issue, and a family health issue. In addition to the emotional and physical toll, the high costs of treatment put many patients into debt or prevent them from seeking care. Hadassah is working to raise awareness, destigmatize infertility and fight for access to quality, affordable infertility diagnosis and treatment.

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Combating Anti-Semitism

As an organization committed to the safety and security of the Jewish people, Hadassah works to combat anti-Semitism both at home and abroad. Hadassah advances policies that seek to ensure the security of Jewish communities, hold perpetrators of harassment and violence accountable, assert US leadership and provide support to international partners. Additionally, Hadassah strives to expand Holocaust and anti-hate education nationwide.

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Women’s Health

Hadassah supports women's health throughout their lifespan, with a focus on prevention, research, maternal and reproductive health, and access to quality care. As the convener of the Coalition for Women’s Health Equity, Hadassah serves as a critical leader in the health field and works to improve women’s health outcomes through public education, legislative advocacy, and stakeholder collaboration.

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Day in the District

Build relationships with elected officials. Hadassah members train in the basics of lobbying, and then get up and go. Spend a Day on the Hill in Washington, D.C., meet with Members of Congress and staff, and receive briefings from government agencies and foreign embassies. If you who cannot leave town, you can meet with your US Representatives or Senators in their regional offices, on a Day in the District program. Or, participate in a Date with the State and lobby your state-level officials about matters of importance to women and the Jewish community.

Advocacy at Your Fingertips

Log on and act—you can make a difference in an instant.

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