National Portfolio Resources

This resource is designed to provide information regarding general process and procedures for volunteers assigned to a national portfolio. Specific information with regard to your positon will be provided by your Division.

Please contact Roz Rosen at for any questions about the information presented on this page.

Divisions back to top

Each Division has created an organizational chart, also known as an org chart. Most Divisions have a Coordinator and Vice Coordinator. The remainder of the Divisions organization varies by the tasks and programs. These charts will assist you in understanding how each Division organizes the volunteer portfolio holders.

This Division is charged with creating campaigns to assist our units meet their fundraising goals. There are several departments within the Division that work with different levels of giving: grassroots, annual, Keepers, major gifts.

This Division unites Hadassah’s Israel and domestic departments under one umbrella. There is one Division Coordinator and chairwomen for each of the departments

Member & Unit Services
This Division supports and services the units with leadership, membership. This includes support for region and unit staff and offices. The Division creates membership engagement and outreach as well.

Legal Resources back to top

It is always important to remember Hadassah legal process and procedures. The guidelines for several topics are included.

Whistleblower Policy
If you become aware of activity that you deem suspicious or harmful to the organization or another individual, Hadassah has created a whistleblower policy.

Volunteer Travel Policy
When a volunteer has been approved for travel to be paid by National Hadassah, the following is the policy.

Social Media
Guidance and recommendations for responsible communication on social media on behalf of Hadassah is linked here.

Record Retention Policy
To fulfill our fiduciary responsibility, we must record and retain certain information.

Hadassah Coalition Building Guidelines
]: If it is part of your portfolio to work with another organization, the following guideline for Coalition Building is valuable.

Election Year Activities
Our participation in local, State and National Election Activities are regulated to protect our non-profit status.

Copyright and Trademark Guidelines
Hadassah's logo and trademark are protected and can only be used in the appropriate format

Conflict of Interest
To assure our non-profit status and conflict with other activities these guidelines set standards of allowable activities.

Marketing & Communications Resources back to top

These guidelines assist our leaders to maintain consistent and clear messaging and branding. These guidelines should result in Hadassah being perceived and understood in the same way wherever we have members, units, donors and supports. It gives our visibility on brand.

Social Media
When using social media, volunteers representing Hadassah should follow these very important guidelines.

All Hadassah volunteers are requested to have the same standardized signature.

It is important that as a national organization, we have the same message and language as we represent Hadassah.

Hadassah Logo Trademark
Our Hadassah logo is a trademark. Guidelines for use are included here.

When using Facebook in the name of Hadassah, we need to be aware of specific guidelines.

Hadassah has created a brand that identifies us wherever we appear. It is our responsibility to use the specific logo, tagline and wording as designed.

Advertising Campaign
National Hadassah has launched our new advertising campaign and we are eager to have all regions and local chapters participate.

Operations Resources back to top

Policies and procedures have been created to provide standardization for the all Hadassah volunteers. These policies also protect us as a 5013C and as individuals.

Personal Devices
Guidelines for the use of your personal devices are included here.

Payment Card Security
For the protection of all parties involved payment by credit card has definite procedures that must be followed.

May Update: COVID Operations Remote Work
An update from Ron Aloni and Jill Sapperstein on how the National Office is proceeding with essential functions

Go to Meeting
One of the most popular methods of communication is the program GoToMeeting. It is available to Hadassah leadership by the following method.

Email Accounts
To protect your privacy and to operate efficiently, all volunteers must use a Hadassah email address.

Cyber Security Policy
If you did not receive the Cyber Security Policy, please request it and make yourself familiar with it.

Customer Service
Hadassah provides customer service to all callers. To clarify this procedure, please make yourself aware of the following information, specific to a caller's request.

Staff/Volunteer Resources back to top

Human Relations Department provides guidelines for a successful partnership between volunteers and staff.

The ideal volunteer/staff relationship

Staff & Volunteer Relations
The human relations volunteer chair serves as an ombudsman between the volunteer and the staff. The human relations director represents the staff members regarding all issues.

Speaker's Bureau back to top

It is important that as a national organization, we have the same message and language as we represent Hadassah.

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