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2019 Florida Broward Installation 1.6.19
2019 Florida Broward Installation


WE RAISED Some Dough For Hadassah Florida ...
Anthony's Fundraiser Pic

A good time was had by all!  From Altamonte Springs to Boca Raton to Plantation to Miami, Hadassah members and their families and friends turned out to raise some DOUGH

Thanks to everyone who showed up to support the cause!


Send your pictures to grubin@hadassah.org

We will be closed for the following holiday ...
Memorial Day 2019

Monday, May 27th- Memorial Day  

From our President

Dear Friends,

As COVID-19 drags us through this confusing, scary time, I am thinking about people near me, around the country, and around the world. So much fear and misery, but what could I do?

As of March 25th, I’ve been home by myself for 11 days.  I had no symptoms, no particularly high risk, no housemates to protect, so why did I decide to do that? It so happened that my pantry and freezer were full, I had enough toilet paper, and a nice view out my window. I had seen the news - the shocked communities, the suffering, the exhaustion, the deaths. I thought about my family, my friends and my neighborhood and admitted there was no excuse for me to go to stores or gyms or doctors’ offices.  So I stopped. I wanted to be part of the solution, not the problem, and that meant no gatherings (Hadassah or otherwise) for the immediate future. I applaud all of you who are Staying Home as well. 

I send my personal wishes that you are safe and secure, that your nutrition and household needs are being fulfilled, that you are not sick, and that you are not lonely. But – you might be. Hadassah was founded in response to a need for health and wellness – so while we must take a break from face-to-face events and fundraisers, we need not take a break from each other.  Physical isolation doesn’t have to be social isolation and social isolation doesn’t have to be sisterly isolation.  Keep talking to one another, whether by computer, phone or videochat.  During this anxious period, check on people you know - it's a good time to strengthen our connections.

Let’s stay healthy by remembering to eat well, get enough rest and move, move, move around the house. Or take a nice long walk in the fresh air and sunshine – where no one can get near you. As for me, I pace when I’m on the phone and I hit a personal best the other day – over 17,000 steps in one day just from phone calls!  Of course, then I had to soak in an Epsom salt bath for the sore feet but…still pretty proud of myself 😊.

You can keep your spirits up with TV, music, books, movies, online concerts, synagogue services and the like, but now I’m offering you something else. Visit our website for frequent COVID-19 updates and other news at https://my.hadassah.org/coronavirus-update.html.  We have both serious and uplifting stories, thought-provoking articles and podcasts, and even virtual activities for you to join. No need to feel lonely - even when we must stay alone.

Wishing you a sweet Passover, good health, and the comfort in knowing that this, too, shall pass.

Karen Rosenson Ulm


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