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Dear Hadassah sisters,


Shalom!...we hope that you’re staying dry during this very rainy, wet summer that we’ve been having in Gainesville. It’s definitely a challenge!


Our chapter is not high and dry either....we need your help in revitalizing our local board. We have a strong, powerful group of chapter members who have so many talents. Please consider sharing these strengths that we need in order to survive.


Gainesville Chapter of Hadassah was created in 1944 by a group of determined,

intelligent women who many of you remember, if not in person then by the legacy of their good deeds: Villa Buns, Gertrude Block, Sara Drosdoff, Bella Fruchtman, Hilda Grossman, Betty Kopelowitz, Annie Mazo, Libbye Mazo, Rose Rabinowitz, Gussie Rudderman, Faye Silverman, Sadie Singer and Ann Weil. Seventy-five years ago! We have a strong and important tradition to uphold.


And we need you. We must continue the legacy left to us to sustain by our chapter founders. This is our challenge....


Please join us at Temple Shir Shalom on Thursday, August 22 @ 7pm. We’ll have light savories, cold drinks and wine. Janee and I excited that we will see our Hadassah sisters who would like to work and play together after our summer break We invite you to bring your enthusiasm, ideas and vision above all. What a wonderful way to auger in this New Year of 5780!


Kindly RSVP to Meredith Bacharach @ 352-256-7631 or by email:

mwbacharach@gmail.com. Please contact me, also, if you would like to help but are not able to join us. We welcome all!

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