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New Board Installed
Lylah 2020 Board

Lylah Pinellas installed a new Board in December 2019. The installing officer was Karen Eisler. In photo from left to right is:

Sally Laufer, Cheryl Schwartz, Linda Wexler, Nancy Bomstein, Claire Stiglitz, Monica DiGiovanni, Roni Igel

Linda Wexler is the new president of the chapter.

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Book Club

Book Discussion

May 19, 2020

Lylah Pinellas will be holding a Book Discussion of "The Last Watchman of Old Cairo" that will be held on ZOOM, hosted by Roxana Levin at 7PM. Interested readers may contact us at lylahevents@gmail.com for more information.


  • President

    Linda Wexler

  • Treasurer & Associates VP

    Terri Tankel

  • Advocacy VP and Keepers of the Gate Chair

    Sally Laufer

  • Communications/Publicity

    Carol Davis

  • Secretary and Cards/Certificate Chair

    Nancy Bormstein

  • Fundraising Vice President

    Claire Stiglitz

  • PRAZE - Programming Vice President

    Cheryl Schwartz

  • PRAZE Vice President (Zionism)

    Evelyn Schreiber-Steckler

  • Member-At-Large

    Andrea Deutsch

  • Immediate Past President

    Jody Sherman

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