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Our chapter serves the greater Tampa community with a commitment to further Hadassah’s mission and goals. With over 600 members, we are committed to making the world a better place. We sponsor a wide array of events and programs to enhance our community with regard to medical, spiritual, educational and social needs. We strengthen our Jewish identity, form friendships, have fun working together, and take pride in enriching and saving lives. We are the Women Who Do!!

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P : 877-949-1818

E : tampaameet@hadassah.org

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PO Box 10923

Tampa, Florida 33679


Kitchen in the Cloud
Kitchen in the Cloud

The Un-Book Cookbook started as an idea to produce something unique, modern and different. We wanted to gather a sampling of Tampa Ameet Chapter of Hadassah's favorite recipes and share them with family and friends. We accepted the challenge of sponsoring a single patient room in the renovated Round Building at En Kerem Campus. The cost to do this is $18,000. Profits from Kitchen in the Cloud: the Un-Book Cookbook are dedicated to that room.

A special Zoom event took place on Sunday, November 15, 2020 with Melanie Meyers, Director of Collections and Engagement at the American Jewish Historical Society.  She shared with us the historical societies collection of Jewish cookbooks.

The Un-Book Cookbook can be purchased for $36 by contacting Heidi at hhadburg@gmail.com

Cause for Celebration
Cause for Celebration

Hadassah celebrates the Never Again Education Act being signed into law. This important legislation -- a vital means of combating anti-Semitism -- is the culmination of hard work by all of the Hadassah community.

Our students and teachers will now have greater access to Holocaust education and its universal lessons about the importance of tolerance and standing up against hatred. Today, and every day, we declare #NeverAgain!

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Cards, Certificates, Trees ...
Greeting Cards

Hadassah Certificates call Marilyn Slater, marilynslater@bellsouth.net

Hadassah Cards call Marilyn Slater, marilynslater@bellsouth.net

Hadassah JNF trees call Anita Greenberg, anitag33558@gmail.com

From our President

Michele Norris

“Looking towards the Future”

 Hadassah founded by Henrietta Szold began as a mission to provide emergency care to infants and mothers in pre-state Israel. Parsha Bereshit (“in the beginning”) contains the story of creation and much more. This is a great segway as we look at the following story of Hadassah:

Hadassah flourished over a century into two world-class medical and research centers in Jerusalem. With the founding of Hadassah Medical Organization, the organization proceeded to bring advanced medical care to all, regardless of race, ethnicity, or nationality, and earned a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2005.

Hadassah also contributed its medical and social expertise as a member of the U.N. Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), as a non-governmental organization (NGO). 

Today, with 330,000 members in the U.S, Associates and supporters, Hadassah remains committed to Jewish continuity and building a better world through medicine, healthcare, advocacy, and building bridges of peace.

When a sculptor was creating a bust of Henrietta Szold, not long before her death, she asked him to “make her eyes look to the future.” Henrietta Szold is testament to what one person, one organization, and one vision, can accomplish.

Let us begin each day with eyes toward a future filled with great expectation, hope, peace, and success. May we have crystalized vision and direction as we move forward to heal our nation and our world.

It starts with each one of us... "We are the Women Who do"


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Book Club


This Book Club usually meets the 4TH Monday evening of every month. Our next book is Big Summer by Jennifer Weiner. For more information contact Sharon Richmond at shalas@live.com


Bubbe Club 1


Fun club for members who have grands and great grands offering programs and yearly activities. For more information contact Marilyn Warner mb.warner@verizon.net



PET LOVERS CLUB (Ruff Ruff, Meow!)

The goal of the club is to share enjoyable activities, stories and relavent information with members to enhance their pet ownership. For more information contact Meral Ginsberg meralgins@gmail.com


Prime Timers


Meet for lunch on the 3rd Wednesday of the month. Members pledge scholarship money for Hadassah’s youth programs. For more information contact Judy Levitt at judy6139@gmail.com



  • President

    Michele Norris

  • Treasurer

    Luise Burman

  • Secretary

    Charlotte Israel

  • PRAZE Vice President (Programming)

    Beth Levin

  • Membership VP

    Muriel Altus

  • Communications Vice President

    Iris Sandow

  • PRAZE VP (Education)

    Sharon Richmond

  • Board Member at Large

    Elaine Viders

  • Board Member at Large

    Etty Segal

  • Board Member at Large

    Anita Steinfeld

  • Immediate Past President

    Marilyn Slater

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(800) 928-0685

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(800) 664-5646

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40 Wall Street

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