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Hadassah Greater Baltimore offers award-winning community health education initiatives, leadership training programs, and opportunities for advocacy. If you aren't already a member, pay us a visit so we can teach you about our life changing organization!

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P : (410) 484-9590

E : baltimore.chapter@hadassah.org

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3723 Old Court Rd., Suite 205

Baltimore, Maryland 21208


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From our President

Welcome to the Hadassah Greater Baltimore Website!

We are so glad that you can get to know our Chapter online.

For some, it begins with the personal. I joined for Breast Health. I stayed for Zionism.For others it's political. I joined for Israel. I stayed for friendships.

For some it starts with the past.I joined for my mother. I stayed for my grandchildren.

For others, it's always about tomorrow. I joined when Israel was young. I stayed to see it grow older.

Whether you are interested in meeting new people, helping our health projects, advocating on issues important to you, learning about Israel and our projects there, or helping to grow our chapter in Membership or Development, we all share certain important values in common. These values have been passed on from our grandmothers, mothers, sisters, aunts, friends and teachers. We have been blessed by this shared legacy and each of us can pass it on.

Call us, stop by our office or send us an email. We would love to hear from you.


Barbara Fink, President

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