Welcome to Neshama - Center City Philadelphia’s newest and youngest chapter of Hadassah. Our members are driven by humanitarian efforts that effect change through advocacy, advancing health and well-being, and support of Israel. Our dynamic women like to gather for social and educational events. Our chapter goals currently include increasing membership and awareness about Hadassah and fundraising for Hadassah hospitals in Israel. You will enjoy warm friendship and camaraderie while supporting Hadassah when you join the active and dedicated women of Neshama!

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From our President


Dear Hadassah Members, Life Members, Potential Members, and Friends:

Welcome to Neshama - Center City Philadelphia's Young Professionals Chapter. We currently have more than 90 active members!

I would like to give a hearty Mazel Tov to all of our newest leadership board members: Liane Friedberg (VP of Education and Advocacy), Brett Rubin (Secretary), Helene Brennan (Treasurer), Brittany Tuff & Alicia Rosenbaum (Co-VPs of Membership), Alyssa Geller (Communications) and Rachel Palmer (VP of Fundraising). We also have our Immediate Past President, Rachel Baum, helping our new board members and I out.

“There is no organization like Hadassah — working in communities around the US to connect Jewish women and empower them to effect change through support of Israel, advancing health and wellness, and advocacy.” 

These are the words of our past National President, Ellen Hershkin.

We would love to continue to grow our chapter. How can you help us? Share the joy of Hadassah membership with family and friends. Let them know what a wonderful organization we are. Invite friends to our chapter’s and the Philadelphia region’s events. Join us and enjoy the opportunity of making life-time friendships.  

When you join Hadassah you will receive a subscription to the renowned Hadassah Magazine. Click here to learn more about joining Hadassah:

(click on the top right corner JOIN US)

I look forward to meeting you and seeing you at our chapter’s events (which are virtual for now)! Please join me and our leaders. Let's work together to make 2021 the best year for Neshama Hadassah!

All the best,

Susan Becker
President, Neshama Chapter

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  • President

    Susan Becker

  • Treasurer

    Helene Brennan

  • Secretary

    Brett Rubin

  • VP of Education and Advocacy

    Liane Friedberg

  • Co-VP, Membership

    Brittany Tuff

  • Co-VP, Membership

    Alicia Rosenbaum

  • VP Communications

    Alyssa Geller

  • VP Fundraising

    Rachel Palmer

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