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The Hadassah Foundation is an investor in social change to empower girls and women in the United States and Israel. It works to improve the status, health and well-being of women and girls; bring their contributions, issues and needs from the margins to the center of Jewish concern; and encourage and facilitate their active participation in decision-making and leadership in all spheres of life.


  • Adva Center: A non-partisan policy institute that examines Israeli society to assess the level of equality and social justice. Funding supports the training, coaching, and networking of 75 Mayoral Advisors’ for Gender Equality, covering about 1/3 of Israel municipalities. The advisors will have the tools to better implement policies that promote the status of women and gender equality within their designated authorities.
  • AJEEC-NISPED: A team of Jews and Arabs working together to promote socio-economic development and peace-building among communities in transition. Funds support the Taliyah Gap Year Program for young Arab women in the Negev Bedouin community, which provides participants with the skills and support to be among the first women in their families to hold advanced degrees and professional careers outside their homes.
  • Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel (ARCCI): The national umbrella organization for Israel’s network of rape crisis centers that advocates on behalf of policies and practices that promote women’s safety. Funds underwrite a pilot project to conduct research and implement university-wide policies that prevent and regulate instances of sexual harassment in academic settings.
  • The Center for Women’s Justice:  Defends women’s rights to equality, dignity, and justice; ensures religions freedom, and limits the authority of religious institutions over women’s bodies and lives. Funds underwrite public education for hundreds of thousands of Israelis, aimed at reframing the public discourse around the State-prescribed Jewish marriage and promoting solutions to situations of get refusal, or refusal of a Jewish divorce, which keeps individuals in marital captivity.
  • Israel Women’s NetworkPromotes a better Israeli society by focusing on women’s equality and creating the social, physical, economic, and judicial conditions for their prosperity. Funding supports raising public awareness and advocating for the elimination of gender segregation and the exclusion of women in the IDF, workforce, educational system, and civil service arena. 
  • Itach Maaki Women Lawyers for Social Justice: Promotes social change, justice, and activism for and by women from marginalized groups. The funded program integrates women from diverse populations into Israeli government, with an emphasis in the male dominated field of peace and security. The initiative ensures that government bodies uphold previous mandates for ample representation of diverse women on policymaking committees.
  • Jasmine: Promotes the growth and professional development of Israel’s Jewish and Arab women business owners and leaders. Funds go toward the Izun (Balance) Project that helps women business owners obtain board member positions in public companies and government agencies. The Izun Program was piloted in 2016 with The Hadassah Foundation’s support.
  • Nivcharot: is the first and only organization in Israel focusing on Haredi women and their integration into public, social, and political life. Funds help Nivcharot raise awareness of the unique needs of Haredi women and girls and support the HaNivcheret (The League) Program, which provides a group of select Haredi women with the tools, knowledge, and self-perception necessary to lead in Israeli secular society, business, and government.
  • The Ruth and Emanuel Rackman Center: Operating at Bar-Ilan University, the organization provides legal representation, related academic expertise, and reform recommendations to increase gender equality in Israel’s laws and policies. Funds support initiatives to increase women’s rights in Israel’s family court system that limits women’s access to justice and negatively impact their children.
  • SHIN – The Israeli Movement for Equal Representation of WomenFacilitates equal representation of women in politics and in the public sphere. The supported program brings together over 250 Jewish and Arab high school girls to involve them in discussions, and projects that increase their knowledge and skills to address social and political feminist issues.
  • WePower: Advances women’s leadership to the highest levels of decision-making and elected positions. Funding supports The Incubator for Council Members and Women Mayors, offering newly elected women with training opportunities, support and professional know-how, and a network of women in government throughout Israel.

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United States:

  • Jewish Women’s Archive and jGirls MagazineJWA documents Jewish women’s stories and trains young women to develop authentic voices and leadership styles. jGirls Magazine amplifies the ideas and voices of teens through an online community written, edited, and curated by self-identifying Jewish teen girls. Funds underwrite the creation of a joint JWA/jGirls Alumnae Network to create a community of committed young Jewish women leaders.
  • Jewish Women International: A national organization that ensures women and girls thrive in healthy relationships, control their financial futures, and realize their full potential. Funds will underwrite the Washington, DC-based pilot of the Jewish Communal Women’s Leadership Project (JCWLP), an initiative to help women advance to the highest positions of Jewish communal organizations. 
  • Moving Traditions: emboldens teens by fostering self-discovery, challenging sexism, and inspiring a commitment to Jewish life and learning. By promoting a more inclusive and expansive view of gender for Jewish girls, boys, and transgender and nonbinary teens, Moving Traditions creates a more vibrant, engaging Judaism that helps all teens to flourish. Funds support Kol Koleinu (All Our Voices), a national fellowship that invites Jewish teen girls to explore and deepen their feminist knowledge, channel their voices to share their beliefs, and use their skills to create tangible change in their communities.
  • Yeshivat Maharat:  The first rabbinical school in North America to train and ordain Orthodox women for the rabbinate. Funding will enhance the Executive Ordination Track, the part-time, advanced program for experienced women leaders and educators. Located throughout the world, the women in the EOT track have never previously been afforded the opportunity of ordination.

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