Nurses & Allied Health Professionals Council

Join Hadassah’s the Nurses & Allied Health Professionals Council to advocate for and take action on nursing and healthcare topics that matter to you, such as: nursing mentorship and funding for nursing schools in Israel. We are 5,000 strong and represented by 35 local councils across the country.

As a part the Nurses & Allied Health Professionals Council you have the opportunity to raise money in support of nurses and doctors at Hadassah Medical Organization in Jerusalem.

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Continuing Education for Nurses

For 10 years we have been CE (Continuing Education) Providers under CE Broker, which is contracted by the Florida Board of Nursing to handle all aspects of continuing education activities including tracking for individual nurses and approval of providers. Please contact for additional information.

International Year of the Nurse

"We are pioneers, setting the standards for quality nursing care at our Hadassah medical centers and academic nursing education at our Hadassah Henrietta Szold Hebrew University School of Nursing. Help secure a strong future for our nurses. Join us in supporting our Hadassah nursing colleagues! Click the button above to donate."

What We Do

Purpose Statement Hadassah Nurses Councils are founded to:
1. Establish partnerships with our members and the Nursing Division of the Hadassah Medical Organization in order to promote the programs and projects of Hadassah
2. Meet the educational, social and professional concerns of our members and nurses in the United States, Israel and worldwide.
3. Continue to provide our established Councils in the United States with opportunities for growth, and encourage new Councils to form and develop leaders going forward. Connect with us on Facebook

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