Trauma Care: Teaching the World

HMO built the first trauma center in Israel; it remains the only Level 1 trauma center in the Jerusalem area. During the second Intifada, our surgical teams developed lifesaving protocols for mass casualty pre-hospital triage and transport, as well as groundbreaking surgical procedures. They have treated cases never before encountered in such large numbers, such as patients with both blunt and penetrating wounds from bombs. They used computer-guided techniques developed by HMO orthopedic surgeons for hip replacements to safely remove bullet fragments and repair complex bone fractures.

HMO changed how shock trauma centers deal with mass casualty. Its trauma specialists have shared their expertise with law enforcement and medical personnel from nations around the world.  Following the Boston Marathon bombing of 2013, surgeons used triage procedures and surgical techniques developed by our doctors in Israel. HMO doctors and nurses have also worked as first responders in the Philippines, Haiti, Indonesia and Thailand following natural disasters.  They provided mass casualty training to other medical personnel on the scene.

Adi’s Story

Eleven-year-old Adi Huja was severely wounded in a terrorist attack at a Jerusalem pedestrian mall in 2001. Metal nuts were scattered throughout her body, especially her leg. As she lay near death in a Hadassah operating room, doctors decided to try an experimental drug. They also decided not to amputate. The drug kept her alive through the darkest days. She bravely faced multiple operations and long, intensive rehabilitation therapy at Hadassah. Her devoted doctors, nurses and therapists were determined that she would walk again.  Twelve years later, in 2013, her medical team watched as Adi gracefully, joyously walked down the aisle as a bride.  As he had promised, her doctor, renowned trauma expert Prof. Avi Rivkind, danced with her at her wedding. 

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