Pregnant Woman Was in Quarantine. Then She Went into Labor.

Monday, Mar 16 2020

When the staff at Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem got the heads up from the Magen David Adom ambulance team that Sara*, a quarantined patient they were transporting, was in labor, they rushed into action to prepare and equip a special delivery facility for the potentially infectious mother-to-be. Sara, aged 35, was taken to the special room that had been readied for her and immediately tested for the coronavirus.

Several hours later, two midwives wearing full protective gear successfully delivered a healthy baby, a handsome boy.

After the test results came back positive, confirming that Sara has the coronavirus, she was transferred to the new Hadassah Coronavirus Outbreak Unit housed in the Round Building. One of the midwives who delivered the baby provided warmth and emotional support to the new mom while she was being transferred.

Thanks to the staff where the newborn is isolated, Sara also receives frequent photos and phone calls so that she can see and hear her newborn baby.

"Thank you so much," Sara says. "You made me happy and so moved by what you are doing doing for me. I am worried for my baby from afar and helpless, and am so grateful for your concern and devotion. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

You can read more about the story in the Jerusalem Post.

See all of our coronavirus updates here.

* Not her real name

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