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At a time when it seems that the entire world is in need of healing, Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem is providing extraordinary patient care to victims of COVID-19 in Israel, searching for treatments and cures, and sharing its pioneering protocols with countries around the globe.  Here at home in the US, with all in-person national and local Hadassah events cancelled, our staff and volunteers throughout the country are working virtually to keep everyone informed, engaged, and inspired. Look below to see how we are saving lives and helping to heal the world.

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January 12: Hadassah vaccinates most staff, redirects patients as it combats COVID-19 –The Jerusalem Post

January 11: Hadassah Hospital begins vaccinating its staff –The World News

January 9: Israel set to be first country in the world to be vaccinated – The Scottish National News

January 8: Netanyahu promises enough vaccines to beat CIVID-19 by end of March– The Times of Israel

January 7: Expanded phase of COVID-19 Phase II vaccine gets underway at Hadassah Hospital – Algemeiner

January 5: Hadassah Hospital expert: The COVID-19 situation is dire – Sky News

January 5: Hadassah DG Rotstein: Unvaccinated hospital staff subject to lockdown regulations – The Jerusalem Post

January 5: Pfizer: We don’t know if COVID-19 vaccine defends without second shot –The Jerusalem Post

January 4: Overcrowded Israeli hospitals struggle with COVID-19 spike – Haaretz

January 4: Israel vaccinates so many people it is running out of the vaccine – The Washington Post

January 4: Israeli hospitals chiefs warn of third phase of pandemic – The Times of Israel

January 4: Israeli hospitals facing most dire situation since start of pandemic – The Yeshiva World

January 4: Israel is vaccinating so fast it’s running out of vaccine – The Washington Post

January 2: Hadassah Hospital’s Prof Allon Moses cites success in vaccination efforts – CBC News

January 1: COVID-19 vaccines at Hadassah Hospital a big hit – The Jerusalem Post

January 1: Coronavirus vaccines in Israel a big hit: 'A year of emotion in one vial' –The Jerusalem Post

December 30: Hadassah Hospital staff member thankful for getting the coronavirus vaccine –The Jerusalem Post

December 29: Israel: world’s fastest COVID-19 inoculation drive – Times of Israel

December 26: Israel hospitals close to capacity – Times of Israel

December 23: Hadassah study shows COVID-19 lung damage reduced –

December 23: COVID-19 quarantine closures creating hierarchy of grievance – we need compassion – NBC News

December 20: Israel’s coronavirus vaccine campaign – Day 1 – The Jerusalem Post

December 20: Hadassah makes anti-coronavirus mask from biological warfare disinfectant – The Jerusalem Post

December 20: Hadassah Hospital head to be vaccinated with coronavirus vaccine – The Jerusalem Post

December 19: Israel makes anti-coronavirus mask from ‘biological warfare’ disinfectant – The Jerusalem Post

December 17: President Rivlin to be vaccinated at Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem – i24 News

December 13: Hadassah Hospital opens additional COVID-19 ward – The Jerusalem Post

December 13: Coronavirus cases are increasing in Israel – The Jewish Press

December 2: Hadassah Opens Follow-Up Clinic for Recovered COVID-19 Patients

November 25: He lost his mom but survived the virus – Hadassah Hospital patient tells his story – Times of Israel

November 25: Figures show virus rapidly rising – Times of Israel

November 23: [Hadassah On Call Podcast] COVID's Long-Term Health Impact, an Insider's Perspective

November 23: Laughing in the face of COVID-19 – Meet one of Hadassah Hospital’s medical clowns – Haaretz

November 20: Why Israel is sending in the clowns to COVID-19 wards – Cleveland Jewish

November 19: Since wedding, father’s condition has approved – Israel National News

November 18: Father who attended son’s chuppah is released and returns home – Hamodia

November 9: Hadassah Hospital holds brit milah for son of woman in need – The Jerusalem Post

November 7: Four women receive BriLife COVID-19 vaccination as Hadassah trials continue – The Jerusalem Post

November 6: Coronavirus never really goes away says Hadassah Hospital expert – The Jerusalem Post

November 5: Hadassah Hospital brings 1.5 million doses of Russian-made COVID-19 vaccine – The Jerusalem Post

November 5: Hadassah Hospital orders 1.5M doses of Russian-made COVID-19 vaccine – Haaretz

November 5: Hadassah Hospital sends delegate to Czech Republic to assist in battling pandemic – Prague Morning News

November 5: Clinical trials underway at Hadassah Hospital – Jewish News of Greater Arizona

November 4: Donors to Hadassah’s Round Building Hear Campaign Update

November 3: Why Hadassah Hospital is ending in the clowns – Israel21c

November 3: Clinical trials underway at two Israeli hospitals –

November 3: As Israel begins human trials, experts warn COVID-19 vaccine still long way off – The Media Line

November 2: Hadassah Hospital’s COVID-19 vaccine test subject “feels great!” – Jerusalem Post

November 1: Hadassah Hospital’s first vaccine trial patient heads home – Times of Israel

November 1: Hadassah launches vaccine trial for humans – Hamodia

November 1: Human trials phase begins at Hadassah Hospital – The Jewish Press

November 1: Volunteer to receive 1st Israeli vaccine shot at Hadassah Hospital – Times of Israel

November 1: Hadassah launches COVID-19 vaccine human trial – Jerusalem Post

October 31: Hadassah Hospital Ready to Launch COVID-19 Vaccine Human Trial – The Jerusalem Post

October 29: Jerusalem’s Coronavirus Frontlines: the Fight is For Life –The Jerusalem Post

October 29: Israeli Hospitals See Long-term Effects of COVID-19 –Haaretz

October 26: Percentage of Positive COVID-19 Tests the Lowest Since JuneThe Times of Israel

October 26: Israel to Begin Clinical Trials of COVID-19 VaccineIsrael21c

October 26: Human Trials For Israeli Coronavirus Vaccine to Begin November 1Atlanta Jewish Times

October 25: Israeli Bio-defense LabGgets Okay to Begin New Clinical Trial For New COVID-19 Vaccine

October 25: Arab Media Slam Hypocrisy for Palestinian Authority Official’s Care at Hadassah HospitalThe Yeshiva World

October 23: Some Israelis Object to Treatment of Palestinian Official Washington Post

October 23: Hospital Flyover Salutes Frontline Health Care Workers The Jerusalem Post

October 23: Hadassah Expert Pans Ministry Report on Children as "Super-Spreaders" The Times of Israel

October 23: Meet Israel’s First Vaccine Volunteers YNet News

October 22: Hadassah Hospital Doctors Fight to Save Life of Palestinian chief negotiatorThe Jewish Chronicle

October 20: Outraged Families of Terror Victims Protest Hadassah Hospital’s Treatment of Palestinian Leader The Jewish press

October 20: Israeli hospital hosts wedding of COVID-19 patient’s son Washington Post

October 19: Hadassah Hospital hosts wedding of COVID-19 patient’s son – Associated Press

October 19: Top Palestinian official treated at Hadassah Hospital – BBC News

October 19: Seriously ill COVID-19 patient shares in son’s chuppa from fifth floor of Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem – The Yeshiva World

October 18: Man marries at Hadassah Hospital so his father with COVID-19 can watch from afar – The Jerusalem Post

October 15: Hadassah Hospital to offer family visits coronavirus to enhance care – The Jerusalem Post

October 15: Hebrew University to offer free rapid COVID-19 tests to students at Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem – The Jerusalem Post

October 12: COVID-19’s moment of truth – is losing inevitable? – The Jerusalem Post

October 9: Musicians Bring Joy of Ancient Ritual to COVID-19 Patients at Hadassah

October 9: Hadassah and Sheba Hospitals begin recruiting volunteers to take part in COVID-19 vaccine trial test – The Jerusalem Post

October 5: Hadassah Hospital experts say rush kids back to school – they’re the most virus-proof citizens – Times of Israel

October 3: Innovative Hadassah Hospital breakthrough could herald great news for critical corona patients – World Israel News

October 3: - Lockdowns foster learned helplessness according to Hadassah Hospital expert – The Jerusalem Post

October 3: - Israeli firm reports positive results in COVID-19 drug – i24 News

October 2: - Israel’s Enlivex reports positive results in COVID-19 drug trial – Thomson-Reuters News

October 2: Israeli hospitals buckle under COVID-19 breakdown –

October 2: Israel school system not responsible for coronavirus second wave – The Jerusalem Post

October 1: Five patients leave Hadassah Hospital COVID-free after clinical trial – The Jerusalem Post

September 29: Robots get ready to roam in clinical labs - American Association of Clinical Chemistry

September 29: Global loser: Israel’s sky-high infection rate almost 3 times any other in world - The Times of Israel

September 29: Hadassah Hospital announces establishment of new coronavirus department - The Jerusalem Post

September 29: COVID-19 pushing Israeli hospitals to the limit - Haaretz

September 25: Magen David Amon tests nearly 1.6M people for coronavirus - The Jerusalem Post

September 25: Do health experts think the lockdown will work? - The Jerusalem Post

September 25: Israel toughens lockdown -

September 23: Cabinet agrees on tougher lockdown but many Israelis are ignoring - Jewish Chronicle

September 23: COVID-19 and Your Heart: Hadassah’s Pollin Center Makes the Connection

September 22: Hadassah Director General calls for an inquiry commission due to the faulty management of the pandemic - Ynet News

September 22: Are you suffering from a cold, the flu or COVID-19? - Israel 21c

September 22: Hadassah Hospital at 143% of capacity - The Yeshiva World

September 22: Emergency mode: Israeli hospitals to end elective surgery - The Yeshiva World

September 21: What is different this year than other years? - The Times of Israel

September 21: Hadassah Hospital Chief: Government abandoning us with order to end elective surgery - The Times of Israel

September 18: When it comes to COVID-19, in the end, the politicians make decisions - The Jerusalem Post

September 17: Hadassah researcher predicts growing fatality count during lockdown - The Jerusalem Post

September 17: Spending the Holidays in Isolation: Hadassah Tips to Help You Cope

September 16: Hadassah to Conduct Clinical Trial of Israeli-Made COVID-19 Vaccine

September 15: Seven steps of a highly effective coronavirus lockdown - The Jerusalem Post

September 15: Israel imposes second nationwide lockdown - National Public Radio

September 14: Artificial Intelligence can diagnose COVID-19 based upon your sex, age and address - Israel 21c

September 14: High number of coronavirus cases due to over-sensitive testing - The Jerusalem Post

September 13: Israel to enter three-week lockdown - Times of Israel

September 13: Health ministry’s lockdown plan meets with resistance from ministers - Times of Israel

September 12: Israel to hold human trials on COVID-19 vaccine with 100 volunteers - The Jerusalem Post

September 12: Israel becomes first nation to announce second lockdown - The London Times

September 11: Coronavirus is overwhelming Jerusalem’s hospital - The Jerusalem Post

September 11: COVID-19 Plasma Therapy Shows Promise in Hadassah Clinical Trial

September 10: Hadassah releases first patients given passive CCOVID-19 vaccine - Jewish Houston Voice

September 10: Israeli coronavirus vaccine human trials to start soon - YNet News

September 10: Virus cases are snowballing but hospitalizations aren’t - Times of Israel

September 2: Israeli company’s plasma-based COVID-19 treatment shows potential - The Jerusalem Post

September 2: Hadassah Hospital enlists recovered coronavirus patients as volunteers - The Week

September 2: What’s the world’s favorite fizzy drink maker doing fighting COVID-19? - Israel 21c

September 2: Israel’s Culture Minister Visits Hadassah Hospital’s Pediatric Patients

September 1: Israeli hospital enlists recovered coronavirus patients - Yahoo News

September 1: COVID recovered patients volunteer at Hadassah Hospital - BBC News

September 1: Russian vaccine shows 100% of participants developed antibodies - The Jerusalem Post

September 1: Hadassah Medical Organization provides example of how to treat healthcare workers - Murfreesboro Voice

August 30: Former COVID-19 patients now volunteers in coronavirus hospital ward - WFLA / Tampa 8

August 26: Hadassah starts clinical trial of plasma-derived COVID-19 drug - Heritage Florida Jewish News

August 26: Recovered patients sought for volunteer service - Hamodia

August 25: Hadassah and Israir Offer Sale of Rapid COVID-19 Test With Flight Ticket

August 25: Ministry of Health official urges hospitals to use recovered volunteers at COVID-19 wards - The Jerusalem Post

August 23: FDA approves plasma treatment first tested in Israel - The Jerusalem Post

August 20: Israel travelers to be able to buy coronavirus tests with IsAir flights - The Jerusalem Post

August 20: Hadassah wants in on Russian vaccine - Hamodia

August 19: Does Israel need a coronavirus lockdown? - The Jerusalem Post

August 19: Hadassah hopes to test, manufacture and distribute Russian vaccine - The Jerusalem Post

August 19: Israel starts clinical trial of COVID-19 drug - The Jewish Voice

August 18: Hadassah Sees Promising Results in Antibody Treatment for COVID-19

August 15: Israelis treated with antibody drug for COVID-19 recover within days - NoCamels

August 15: Israeli plasma vaccine appears to work as first 3 patients depart Hadassah Hospital - The Jewish Voice

August 15: World’s 1st Trial – Israelis treated with antibody for COVID-19 recover - The Yeshiva World

August 15: World First! – Small trial for COVID-19 drug off to a flying start - The Times of Israel

August 15: Israel’s Hadassah Hospital a “partner” in development of Russian coronavirus vaccine - The Jerusalem Post

August 13: Israel starts clinical trial of plasma-derived COVID-19 drug - Israel 21c

August 13: Hadassah Hospital head reveals role in Russia COVID-19 vaccine - The Jerusalem Post

August 9: First three patients treated with passive COVID-19 virus released from Hadassah Hospital - The Jerusalem Post

August 8: As Israel re-opens in the wake of the pandemic, people adapt - The Forward

August 7: Israel’s Hadassah Hospital says it is involved in development of Russia’s COVID-19 vaccine - Times of Israel

August 7: Israeli-made Sodastream made seltzer device may alleviate COVID-19 symptoms - From the Grapevine

August 7: Sodastream develops coronavirus respiratory aid - The Media Line

August 5: Israeli physicians say battle against COVID-19 Battle is now a war of attrition - Haaretz

August 1: Sodastream, Hadassah Hospital unveil innovative respiratory device for COVID-19 patients - Israel Defense

July 29: Can a seltzer stream company build a device to help COVID patients breathe? - Fortune

July 29: Hebrew University study shows coronavirus restrictions might be working - Algemeiner

July 28: Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem at 100% capacity - The Jerusalem Post

July 27: How Israeli scientists are improving corona testing - Israel21c

July 27: You’re not guilty, you’re innocent - Times of Israel

July 27: Evacuation of corona patients to Hadassah Hospital stopped - Israel National News

July 27: No coronavirus beds left in Jerusalem - The Yeshiva World

July 27: Overloaded and out of beds, second CODID-19 wave crashes over Israel’s hospitals - YNet

July 27: Virus testing appears to plummet after nearly 30,000 samples - The Times of Israel

July 27: Exhausted staff at COVID-19 testing labs threaten labor dispute - Israel Hayom

July 27: Coronavirus wards are full at four of Israel’s largest hospitals - The Times of Israel

July 27: Israel hospitals overcrowded as doctors struggle to keep up with virus demand - Christian Broadcasting Network News

July 25: Fully recovered from coronavirus, United Hatzalahs Eli Beer donates plasma - The Jewish press

July 24: From Caregiver to Patient: My COVID-19 Story

July 23: Hadassah DG: “People still haven’t absorbed the extent of the pandemic” - Arutz Sheva 7

July 23: 80 New Meir Shfeyah Graduates, Despite Closures and COVID-19

July 22: Virus-proof Israelis deployed to COVID-19 wards to relieve loneliness - Times of Israel

July 22: Recovered coronavirus patients volunteering at Hadassah Hospital - U.S. News & World Report

July 22: Cause for optimism says COVID-19 stats team - Times of Israel

July 20: Short-staffed Israeli healthcare systems get more nurses - Times of Israel

July 20: Who will be Israel’ s new coronavirus czar - The Jerusalem Post

July 19: Lockdowns lack epidemiological logic - The Yeshiva World

July 19: Politics not populism not COVID-19 are making Israelis sick - The Jerusalem Post

July 17: COVID-19 at Hadassah Hospital: Interview with Dr. Sviri Sigal - JBS Podcasts

July 15: Israel Health Minister Edelstein says he will know if country needs lockdown within four days - The Jerusalem Post

July 15: Hadassah DG protests Ministry of Health testing policy - Israel National News

July 15: What’s the truth behind wearing face masks? - The Jerusalem Post

July 14: Serious coronavirus cases reach highest level yet as hospitals fill up - Times of Israel

July 14: Hadassah Shares COVID-19 Protocol Manual With Argentinian Parliament

July 14: Hadassah and Mexican Mental Health Experts Address COVID-19 Anxiety

July 10: In 3 1/2weeks, COVID-19 death risk to rise - Times of Israel

July 10: Jerusalem Deputy Mayor released from Hadassah Hospital - The Jerusalem Post

July 10: Hadassah Director: Israel has lost control of the epidemic - Israel National News

July 10: Hadassah Pilot Program: Recovered COVID-19 patients volunteer assistance to the sick - The Jerusalem

July 7: Israel hospitals told to limit non-COVID-19 cases - YNet News

July 5: Closures are bad but we can prevent them from happening again - The Jerusalem Post

July 4: 13 promising treatments for COVID-19 coming out of Israel - Israel21c

July 3: Israel counters pandemic with “all hands-on deck” approach - The Media Line

July 2: Leading a COVID-19-Free Hospital–a Vision Beyond the Virus at Hadassah

July 2: Hadassah Colloquium Assesses Where We Are Headed With COVID-19

July 2: Israel losing control of the virus - The Jewish Voice

July 2: Israeli company hopes universal anti-viral vaccine will protect elderly from COVID-19 - The Media Line

July 2: Israel on the precipice of a disaster - The Jerusalem Post

July 1: Coronavirus has given us a summer of dissonance - The Jerusalem Post

June 30: Israel now facing second wave of COVID-19 pandemic - Israel Hayom

June 29: First Commercial Antibody Serum Given at Hadassah to COVID-19 Patient

June 29: COVID-19 Nursing Care Leads to Collaborative Research by Hadassah Nurses

June 28: Hadassah Resale shop is a victim of COVID-19 - Patriot Ledger

June 26: COVID-19 highlights Israel’s shortage of nurses - Times of Israel

June 25: Hadassah Director General warns closures will not stop COVID-19 - The Jerusalem Post

June 25: Hadassah Hospital First in World to test passive coronavirus vaccine - Hamodia

June 24: Hadassah treats COVID-19 patient with new concentrated passive vaccine - Jerusalem Post

June 24: President Rivlin calls for more collaboration to fight COVID-19 - Jerusalem Post

June 23: Hadassah Hospital patient treated with generic steroid touted in UK study - Ynet News

June 17: Hadassah Hospital uses steroid said to save 1/3 most severe COVID-19 cases - Times of Israel

June 17: Hadassah Hospital discovers breakthrough for preventing COVID-19 testing - Breaking Israel News

June 17: The Meaning of the COVID-19 Pandemic on The Eve of Passover

June 16: Hadassah Researchers Identify Source of Blood Clots in COVID-19 Patients

June 15: Hadassah Hospital presents biblical song contest for healing - Breaking Israel News

June 15: Despite COVID-19 resurgence, public health experts not alarmed…yet - The Media Line

June 10: 10 Ways To Make Our Hospitals Safer in the Wake of COVID-19 -

June 8: The Impact of COVID-19 on Women’s Hearts: What Hadassah Has Learned

June 8: Israeli Hospitals Facing Economic Collapse as 2nd Wave Erupts - The Jewish News

June 4: Hadassah’s Director General Rotstein Leads Charge in Israel’s Fight Against Coronavirus - The Jerusalem Post

June 3: Performing Eight COVID-19 Tests at a Time: Hadassah Provides Hands-on Support

May 30: COPD innovation may keep patients off ventilators -

May 29: Coronavirus never went away but it can be kept under control - The Jerusalem Post

May 29: Hadassah Hospital to issue medical passport - Israel National News

May 29: Spirit of Innovation Marks War Against Covid - New Jersey Jewish News

May 29: More Israeli schools reopen as 13 pupils test positive for coronavirus - i24 News

May 28: Special Needs Children and COVID-19: Coping Advice From Hadassah

May 24: Look to Israel as a light against coronavirus - Jewish News Service

May 21: Best Practices to Fight COVID-19: Hadassah Shares Promising Strategies

May 20: Make an impact from home. Introducing an important new Hadassah initiative. - Hadassah @Home #9
We hope that you're managing as well as you can during this difficult period. Staying connected and active can be a tremendous source of comfort, especially when we're all spending so much time at home.

May 20: Optimistic that coronavirus will soon be behind us - Haaretz

May 20: A personal touch behind the mask at Hadassah Hospital - The Jewish Star

May 16: Hadassah geriatrician says stop stereotyping the elderly during pandemic - Jerusalem Online

May 16: Coronavirus challenges children at risk in Youth Aliyah villages - ThriveGlobal

May 15: J. Safra Group donates $3.15 M to Ein Kerem COVID-19 Ward - Israel National News

May 15: A Personal Hour With Hadassah Hospital Senior Staff During COVID-19

May 13: Israel grapples with new arrangements as coronavirus lockdown lessens - The Jerusalem Post

May 13: OR Protocol: Hadassah Surgeon Shares Expertise in International Forum

May 13: “Listen” to the Voices of Our Dedicated Nurses

May 7: Hadassah Hospital prepares for second wave - Breaking Israel News

May 7: Our Members Respond to COVID-19

May 7: Six Hadassah Nurses to Watch

May 6: Hadassah Geriatrician: Don’t Generalize About Old People and COVID-19

May 6: A Salute to Hadassah Hospital’s Midwives on International Midwife Day

May 6: Israeli Nurse of the Year Prize Goes to Hadassah NICU Head Nurse

May 6: Saved After December Heart Attack, Teacher Gives Birth at Hadassah

May 6: Worried About Your Heart? New Hadassah Cardiac Hotline Offers Help

May 5: Israeli comic, treated at Hadassah, performs for captive audience - Times of Israel

May 4: “Women are Magical,” Says Hadassah Nurse Midwife

May 4: Hadassah’s Arabic-Speaking Nurses Seek to Keep People Safe During Ramadan

May 4: Youngsters with Inflamed Heart Muscle—Is This COVID-19 Related?

May 1: As restrictions are lifted, Israeli children go back to school - The Jerusalem Post

May 1: Israeli team finds way to inject drug against COVID-19 infections - The Jerusalem Post

April 29: Art students use 3-D printer to supply medical face shield - The Jerusalem Post

April 29: Israel’s Arab doctors surmount challenges in combating coronavirus - The National

April 28: Nurse on front line of Israel’s coronavirus battle speaks out - Breaking Israel News

April 28: From the Army to a COVID-19 Unit: A Hadassah Nurse on the Front Lines

April 28: Hadassah Mourns the Passing of Transplant Hero Rabbi Yeshayahu Heber

April 28: Hadassah Trauma Nurse Recognized as Woman of the Week

April 28: Back to School for Israeli Children? A Proposal From a Hadassah Team

April 27: Israeli Hospitals Close Some Coronavirus Wards - Haaretz

April 27: Hadassah Hospital Braces for Second Wave of COVID-19 - Breaking Israel Newst

April 27: Zionist Reflections for Israel Independence Day

April 27: The Washington Post Highlights Hadassah’s COVID-19 Response

April 27: Holocaust Remembrance in a COVID-19 Unit: A Hadassah Nurse Reflects

April 27: Protective Gear with a Personal Touch at Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem

April 26: Coronavirus Drug to be Tested on Patients at Hadassah Hospital - The Jerusalem Post

April 26: Supplier of Hadassah Hospital’s COVID-19 Ventilators Goes Global - The Media Line

April 26: Thriving in Time and Space During the COVID-19 Pandemic - by Jorge Diener – Thrive Global

April 26: Happy Ending to the Story That Went Viral - Yeshiva World

April 28: An Arab doctor and an ultra-orthodox Jew find common ground in a COVID-19 Ward - Washington Post

April 25: An Arab doctor and an ultra-Orthodox Jew find common ground in a covid ward - The Washington Post

April 25: Doctors Rethink Rush to Ventilate - The New York Times

April 24: Gift of Life Founder Rabbi Haber Passes Away at Hadassah Hospital - The Jerusalem Post

April 23: On the Way to a Cure for COVID-19: Hadassah’s Researchers Forge Ahead

April 22: Critical Medical Research on COVID-19 at Hadassah Shared with an International Audience - Breaking Israel News

April 22: Israeli Researcher’s Robotics Tested at Hadassah Hospital -

April 22: Don’t Avoid Treatment During COVID-19 Crisis, HMO Oncologists Counsel

April 22: Make an impact from home. Introducing an important new Hadassah initiative. - Hadassah @Home #5
We hope that you're managing as well as you can during this difficult period. Staying connected and active can be a tremendous source of comfort, especially when we're all spending so much time at home.

April 20: Hadassah’s Testing Protocol Adopted by Others, Antibody Treatment Next

April 20: On the Eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day: A Nurse’s Heritage of Resilience

April 18: $500 Ventilator from Israel May Save Lives - Yahoo Finance

April 17: How Are You Sleeping These Days, Hadassah Survey Asks

April 17: A Poignant Look Inside COVID-19 Unit at Hadassah Hospital

April 17: A Memo from the Director of Hadassah’s Cardiac Wellness Center for Women

April 17: In the Shadow of COVID-19: Hadassah’s Pollin Center Social Media Caveats

April 17: Hadassah’s Pollin Center for Women Offers COVID-19 Coping Strategies

April 16: Hadassah Hospital COVID-19 Expert: This is a Once-in-a-Century Disease - From The Grapevine

April 16: Israel Fast-Tracks Ventilator - Israel21c

April 16: Tamar Robotics Deploys COVID-19 Robot at Hadassah Hospital - Yahoo Finance

April 15: Israeli Researchers Develop COVID-19 Test That is 10x Faster - Israel21c

April 14: Israeli Researchers Develop 3D-Printed Ventilators - Christian Broadcasting Service

April 14: 8-Year-Old Boy Infected with Coronavirus Treated at Hadassah Hospital - The Jerusalem Post

April 14: Top Israel Researchers Divided Over Coronavirus Testing Materials - Jerusalem Online

April 14: Reflecting on a Brighter Future - Jewish News Service

April 14: Meet Israel’s Coronavirus Frontline Heroes - Israel Today

April 14: Israeli Scientists Use Alternative Materials for Virus Tests - The Times of Israel

April 14: 5 Days Inside An Israeli Coronavirus Ward - Haaretz

April 14: A Happy Passover 2020 for Ilan Chaim

April 14: Hadassah Hospital Trauma Expert: Building Emotional Resilience through the COVID-19 Crisis (video)

April 13: Israel's President Reuven Rivlin Praises Hadassah Hospital Workers (video)

April 13: In Photos: 5 Days Inside an Israeli Coronavirus Ward - Haaretz

April 13: Israeli researchers develop faster, cheaper COVID-19 test - The Jerusalem Post

April 13: Next Phase of COVID-19: Update from Hadassah Ein Kerem Director

April 13: Hadassah Director General Shares Plans, Concerns, and Appreciation

April 13: Hadassah Begins New Clinical Drug Trial for COVID-19 Patients (video)

April 11: The meaning of the COVID-19 pandemic on the eve of Passover -

April 11: 53-year-old mother of 9 among coronavirus victims - World Israel News

April 10: Children who will never be born should be counted as victims of coronavirus - Israel Hayom

April 9: Passover during the time of COVID-19 -

April 8: Happy Passover. May you take comfort in the holiday’s message of resilience - and in our Hadassah community. - Hadassah @Home #4
We hope that you're managing as well as you can during this difficult period. Staying connected and active can be a tremendous source of comfort, especially when we're all spending so much time at home.

April 8: Coronavirus lockdown: life-saving or lunacy? - The Jerusalem Post

April 8: Inside the effort to keep Israel’s hospitals running - Haaretz

April 8: Hadassah Hospital Expert Q&A: Why is this virus different? - The Times of Israel

April 8: Sharing Israel’s Protocols for Battling COVID-19

April 8: Director General Updates Hadassah Global Leaders About COVID-19

April 8: Hadassah to Launch Clinical Trials of a Serum to Fight COVID-19

April 7: Virtual Community Gathering: Israel's Response to the Coronavirus

April 7: Choosing what to worry about: A coronavirus coping strategy -

April 7: Hadassah Hospital to test Japanese drug Avigan - Hamodia

April 7: The war on COVID-19 belongs to all of us - ThriveGlobal

April 7: Hadassah Hospital among 22 Israeli hospitals to receive funds from Rothschild Foundation - The Jerusalem Post

April 7: Hadassah to Initiate Trials of Japanese Drug to Fight COVID-19

April 6: Hadassah Hospital among first to try experimental Japanese COVID-19 drug - The Jerusalem Post

April 6: Hadassah Cardiologist: Don’t Let Fear of COVID-19 Keep You From Urgent Care

April 5: Hadassah Hospital to allow restricted visits to coronavirus patients - Algemeiner

April 5: Israeli Hospitals get ready for COVID-19 peak (video) -

April 5: Coronavirus patient dies in hospital she spent her whole life working in - YnetNews

April 5: Hadassah Hospital to conduct trials on alternative respirator system - The Jerusalem Post

April 5: Hadassah DG Rotstein adamant about testing staff - The Times of Israel

April 3: Hadassah Hospital looks for creative way to say good-bye - Haaretz

April 3: Hadassah’s Dr. Allon Moses gives update on effects of coronavirus - The Jerusalem Post

April 3: One Heart opens child care center at Hadassah Hospitals to care for staff kids - The Jerusalem Post

April 3: Israel coronavirus update - The Yeshiva World

April 3: “This War Belongs to Us All—Arabs, Jews, Religious, Secular. In Israel and Abroad.”

April 3: Hadassah Director General Prof. Rotstein Under Quarantine

April 3: Hadassah Nurse Brings Blooming Smiles to Rehab Patients

April 3: Hadassah Launches Telemedicine as Initial COVID-19 Triage

April 3: Hadassah Nurses Are Literally Putting on Happy Faces!

April 3: Lifelong Hadassah Staffer, 81, Recovers From COVID-19

April 3: First Hadassah COVID-19 Patient Reunites With Family and Returns to Work

April 3: Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Ran Nir-Paz gives Hadassah update to virus - Jewish News Service

April 2: Yoram Weiss interview about Hadassah Hospital’s staff testing protocols - CNN

April 2: Helmsley Charitable Trust donates $1M for Hadassah Hospital coronavirus isolation ward - The Jerusalem Post

April 2: Director of Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem Appears on CNN (video)

April 1: Yoram Weiss featured in CNN feature on hospital staff testing - CNN

April 1: It's Wednesday. We hope these new Hadassah offerings help get you over the hump. - Hadassah @Home #3
We hope that you're managing as well as you can during this difficult period. Staying connected and active can be a tremendous source of comfort, especially when we're all spending so much time at home.

March 31: Together During COVID-19: Prof. Allon Moses on JBS-TV (video)

March 31: IDF teachers caring for Hadassah Hospital staff children - The Jerusalem Post

March 31: Israel Aerospace Industry partners with Hadassah to develop “green island” to fight coronavirus - Haaretz

March 30: 10 “Bridges to Peace” Facts about Hadassah Hospital healthcare you might not know - Times of Israel

March 30: Ultra-orthodox compose 40-60% of patients at Hadassah Hospitals - The Jerusalem Post

March 30: Hadassah Hospital has only 55 of Israel’s available 2,800 ventilators - Ynet News

March 30: Building Intensive Care Capacity for COVID-19 Patients at Hadassah (video)

March 30: Despite Corona, Hadassah Convoy’s Fallen Are Not Forgotten

March 27: Experiencing Shabbat During the Coronavirus Pandemic

March 26: Hadassah to Supply 700,000 Bottles of Hadassol to Israeli Health System

March 26: Hadassah Nurse Cuts Short Maternity Leave to Work in Coronavirus Unit

March 25: We're here for you! Connect with Hadassah from home. - Hadassah @Home #2
We hope that you're managing as well as you can during this difficult period. Staying connected and active can be a tremendous source of comfort, especially when we're all spending so much time at home.

March 25: All-Staff Corona Testing at Hadassah Identifies Asymptomatic Carriers (video)

March 25: Hadassah Surmounts Corona Travel Restrictions to Save Baby’s Life

March 24: IDF soldier from New Jersey receiving treatment at Hadassah Ein Kerem - The Jerusalem Post

March 24: Hadassah's Dr. Simcha Yagel on Pregnancy and Covid-19 (video)

March 24: Jewish Life Cycle Continues in Midst of Coronavirus—A Brit at Hadassah

March 24: Hadassah Hospital doctor uses cartoonist skills to explain coronavirus —

March 24: Hadassah Hospital become first Israeli hospital to test all staff members for coronavirus — Israel National News

March 24: Israel corona virus tally up to 1,238 — YnetNews

March 24: Prof. Zeev Rotstein reportedly urges Netanyahu not to order indefinite curfew — i24News

March 23: The role of Hadassah in fighting pandemics and plagues in The Holy Land — Israel21C

March 23: The “Art” of Healing at Hadassah Hospital Mount Scopus

March 23: Hadassah’s Youth Aliyah Teens Maintain Bond with Holocaust Survivors

March 22: A bris without the parents at Hadassah Hospital — The Yeshiva World

March 22: Israel approaches 1,000 patient mark — The Times of Israel

March 20: Hadassah’s Medical Clown Reaches Out to Us (video)

March 20: Hadassah Inpatient Units Share Space to Accommodate Another Corona Unit

March 20: Teen From Kazakhstan Feels Safe in Hadassah Youth Village (video)

March 20: Hadassah Hospital opens daycare center for children of staff — The Jerusalem Post

March 20:Defense Department Ministry to purchase 2,500 ventilators — Israel Hayom

March 20:Hadassah Hospital recruits Tel Aviv University students to process corona virus tests —

March 20:Mossad imports 100,000 coronavirus test kits overnight —The Jewish Press

March 20:Dr. Ran Nir-Paz treats coronavirus patients in isolation ward —Israel National News

March 19: 89-Year-Old Corona Patient In Critical Condition in Yerushalayim — The Yeshiva World

March 19: Testing, Testing, Testing—Hadassah Gears Up to Fight Coronavirus
As one of the few hospitals in Israel tasked by the Ministry of Health with caring for victims of the coronavirus, Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem in Jerusalem is in the forefront of the battle to fight the highly contagious and dangerous disease.

March 18: I'm inside the coronavirus outbreak ward at Hadassah Hospital. Here's my story. — JTA

March 18: Staying in? Keep your mind, body and values active with us! - Hadassah @Home #1
We hope that you're managing as well as you can during this difficult period. Staying connected and active can be a tremendous source of comfort, especially when we're all spending so much time at home.

March 18: Listen Now: Pandemic Specialist Offers Coronavirus Insights
In this recorded update, HMO infectious disease specialist Dr. Allon Moses provides clear answers to some of our most pressing questions about the coronavirus, including what is being done and what each of us needs to do.

March 17: Hadassah Hospital Meeting Emergency Demand
Find out from top Hadassah leaders in the US and Israel how HMO is answering the Israeli government’s call for assitance in fighting COVID-19 and how are medical teams are fighting on the front lines of the coronovirus in Israel. Be sure to scroll down for an update form HMO Director General Zeev Rotstein.

March 17: Hadassah Hospital triples coronavirus testing — The Jerusalem Post

March 16: Israeli coronavirus cases spike — The Jerusalem Post

March 16: Pregnant Woman Was in Quarantine. Then She Went into Labor.

March 15: President Rhoda Smolow’s Timely Message
"Many of us, who have been devoted to Hadassah and Israel throughout our lifetimes, can once again stand proudly to say that our hospital is stepping up to offer what no other hospital can," says Hadassah National President Rhoda Smolow in this important message.

March 14: Israeli woman with coronavirus gives birth at Hadassah Hospital — The Jerusalem Post

March 13: Hadassah Hospital requires exam to enter hospital — News1

March 13: Israel Health Ministry increases testing — Haaretz

March 12: Hadassah Hospital one of five coronavirus testing sites in Israel — Haaretz

March 12: Hadassah Hospital announces precautions — The Yeshiva World

March 12: Temperature check and questionnaire for those entering Hadassah Hospital — Israel National News

March 9: Hadassah Expert: Covid19 unlikely to wane by summer — The Times of Israel

March 8: Israel third in world for rate of coronavirus tests — Haaretz

March 7: HMO doctor answers questions about coronavirus — From The Grapevine

March 6: Israel Health Ministry: Essential services should plan for coronavirus disruption — The Jerusalem Post

March 2: Israelis and Palestinians cooperate over coronavirus —

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