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Hadassah Associates are men enrolled as partners of Hadassah, who for over 50 years have lent their support to the organization by advancing medical care, healing and education. We have raised millions of dollars for projects including stem cells, gene therapy, cardiac surgical suite, rooms at the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Tower and our initiative focusing on Men’s Health, specifically cardiology, prostate cancer, lung cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. Get to know us by joining Hadassah Associates today.

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Join our fellowship of over 33,000 men who support Hadassah’s lifesaving work. Support our practical approach to Zionism—making lives better here, in Israel and around the world.


Hadassah Associates

The growing demand and need for a larger, more efficient Surgical Day Care Department calls for a renovation and expansion of the existing Department in the Round Building at Hadassah Hospital. The National Associates are rising to the challenge and will raise funds for a Men’s Ambulatory Recovery Hall in the Surgical Day Care Department. Upon completion of their surgery, male patients will be transferred to the Men’s Ambulatory Recovery for post-surgical observation ranging from one to three hours, where patients will continue to awaken fully from sedation. The recovery area will be furnished with recliners and equipped with patient monitors.


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