A Muslim scholar talks about Zionism & Anti-Semitism

Dr. Mehnaz Afridi, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies and Director of the Holocaust, Genocide, and Interfaith Education Center at Manhattan College, talks about the Holocaust, Jews, Islam, anti-Semitism, and her soon-to-be-published book, Shoah Through Muslim Eyes.  

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Defining Zionism in Easy-to-Watch Segments

The subject of Zionism is too important to rush through. Now you can enjoy Defining Zionism at your convenience.

Speakers are filmed in several short (3 to 5 minute) segments. Each segment is a different topic. This means you can “binge watch” a speaker’s videos all at once, or a couple at a time.

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From: Lois Poster on November 25, 2015
I finaly found time to watch these---and the sound doesn't work! I have had trouble with your emails before, and you web site. I had to drop out of the "walk" because the web site wouldn't take my password and let me in. After many attempts, and the help offered was useless,I finally gave up.
From: judy on November 16, 2015
Thank you, Hadassah, for introducing us to this remarkable, fair-minded, clear-thinking woman. The five videos are totally excellent, and point the way to seeing and interacting with "the other" -- a process difficult for everyone, if we live separately.
From: Meirah on November 14, 2015
Thank you, this presentation is a great introduction to building relationships with those from another background so that we can see the subject from differing angles. Dr Afridi is easy to listen to and her class that brought together survivors, yeshiva students and college students to work closely with one another to learn more about shoah is an outstanding way to go beyond text books and misconceptions. I would like to hear more about the inter-faith cooperation between women.This is a good format for an introduction, hopefully there will be a good response from viewers supportive of more 'defining zionism' videos.
From: Marilyn Finkel on November 14, 2015
Dr. Alfridi is inspirational, both as a Muslim and a woman. I am a second generation American proud Jew. I fortunately did not have any family members or friends personally suffering though the Holocaust. I consider myself open minded, except when it comes to antisemites or racists. My people have suffered through the ages at the hands of many, all too often in the name of religion. Then and now few voices are heard in our defense. To witness through this young video of this young courageous Muslim speak out emphatically ..has been uplifting and wonderous. Perhaps, if others were equally brave we'd finally find a peaceful solution. Thank you Dr. Alfridi Marilyn Finkel
From: Stephanie on November 9, 2015
Dr. Afridi is an inspiring young woman. It is sad to continue to hear that young people have no holocaust education. To add to that, there is denial that this monumental event of evil even happened. I hope she will continue her wonderful work to get the facts and her perceptions past the hate mongers to the young people so that peace is a possibility.
From: livia on November 8, 2015
As a Muslim, Dr. Afridi is very brave to call Israel "a great country." I can only hope that other Muslim scholars will come forward and voice similar views so that the course of Arab-Jewish relations can begin to turn around.
From: Libby on November 8, 2015
I also binged watched this. Found this to be extremely interesting and educational. Dr. Afridi did an excellent job of explaining her thoughts on Antisemitism and Zionism. Thank you Hadassah for sending this out to your members. As woman and Jewish woman we have a strong role to play in the world today.
From: Diane on November 8, 2015
Thank you for making these videos accessible. Dr. Afridi is fascinating and a real role model for young women everywhere.
From: Karin on November 8, 2015
I binge watched this ... interesting and balanced and a lot of acknowledgment of us. Dr. Afridi goes outside the stereotype of how many Americans see in Muslims. (We are guilty of stereotyping, too.) I particularly enjoyed Segment 4 and a solution, as well as Segment 5 on empowering women. (I'm an original libber and have worked hard on equality for over 40 years.) I would also like to say todah rabah to Hadassah for making these clips available. After all, learning is part of who we are!
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