Our Members: Hadassah Nurses to Watch

This is your chance to get to know some of our outstanding, diverse and accomplished nurses who are part of our Hadassah family. Each member brings a unique and powerful voice and perspective to our organizational tapestry.

Join us in honoring the Henrietta Szold Hadassah-Hebrew University School of Nursing, and the role nurses have played in the Hadassah Medical Organization in Israel, in the United States, and beyond. Our history is rich in its founding by and devotion to nurses. We want to thank our nurses for choosing a career in caring and taking on challenging and demanding work.

Joyce Backman

Barbara Fine
Las Vegas, NV

"I have been involved with Hadassah for over 30 years."

Hadassah Southern Nevada Chapter
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Laura Freed

Dorothy Lasensky
Irvine, CA

"Nurses are the heart of Hadassah."

Hadassah Southern California
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Honoring Our Life Members

Nurse = May 2018 Nurse Appreciation Month
Pink Ribbon = October 2017 Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Red Star = May 2017 Member Appreciation Month


Dorothy Lasensky

Irvine, CA
"Nurses are the heart of Hadassah."
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Barbara Fine

Las Vegas, NV
"I have been involved with Hadassah for over 30 years."
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Ellen Audet

Gainesville, FL
"It is a great honor to say I am a Hadassah nurse."
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Sally Laufer

Palm Harbor, FL
"I am so moved by all that Hadassah nurses have achieved in Israel in the past 100 years."
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Marlyn Bradshaw

Philadelphia, PA
"Hadassah is an amazing organization!"
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Amy Solomon

New Windsor, NY
"Through Hadassah, I feel joined to many amazing women who have become my sisters and mentors."
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Joyce Backman

Westport, CT
“When I hear about new medical advances that have come out of Hadassah, I feel proud to support Hadassah.”
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Laura Freed

Treasure Island, FL
“I love that Hadassah finds ways for every woman to get involved and get empowered to help others.”
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Sarah Elgart

Somerville, MA
“I am inspired by Hadassah’s efforts to connect healthcare professionals internationally.”
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Judi Babcock

Bedford, MA
"I am proudest of the cutting-edge medical research done at Hadassah, including research on treating ALS, cystic fibrosis, heart stents, stem cell therapy and more"
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Anita Levy

Atlanta, GA
"Hadassah is real and we are the women who DO!"
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Barbara Glicksberg

Seattle, WA
"I am a two-time breast cancer survivor."
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